Wednesday, 19 February 2014

First room to be renovated

Just before Christmas I had guests coming for a few days.  I really couldn't put one specific lady into the main spare bedroom - just wasn't fair..have a look:

The walls were a chocolate brown and the curtains..umm..not sure how to describe those..

I think it's more the previous owners having different priorities and seeing no value in spending money when their true passion is self-sufficiency from the land

Am I being too kind? It's certainly a distinct colour..

So I had planned to re-decorate the room at some stage - I have 8 to do, well 10 if I include the laundry and basement bedroom - so used her visit as an incentive. Once I had started it was easier to keep going.

Very pleased with the results; not quite finished yet but the extra details can wait..

Now I'm encouraged to tackle the next spare bedroom...the laundry comes next..phew!

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