Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Now it's early evening and I've been outside most of the afternoon watering and trying to tidy the vegetable garden.

  We are in near drought here and it's been a long Summer - 5 months of sun so far with another two months if the usual weather pattern holds - so 7 months! That has to be a record.

 Similar to some gardeners I'm sure I've a tendency to buy plants before I know where to put them and I can see them ..waiting. I'm seduced by what I imagine to be the ultimate effect of the finished garden. I then find myself working to keep them from dying as they sit in their pots waiting to be planted - I'll get there though. As long as I can keep these shrubs going until Winter then they will be more secure. It doesn't help that I'm choosing deciduous shrubs and trees, more suited to a cooler climate.


It's a calm evening and a time I like most..it's is a gentler warmth and the intensity has gone from the day. It's too easy to sit here and watch the light gradually fade with a glass of chilled wine. At times like this I forget the hard work  and it all seems worthwhile...

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