Friday, 21 February 2014

Hot and humid and the power of weeds..

Today I am determined to try and knock back the weed growth..not my favourite task (is it anybody's?) but it has to be done..check these..

Weeded all this area and these are before Christmas

This was going to be the melon bed..lots of cow manure..yummm..lol..had it delivered with 1 days' notice by a neighbour (farmer) who turned up with a trailer loaded with it..and I'd read that melons like rich soil..had no idea that weeds do as well and they came in the mix..

Pretty organised yes? Strawberries, herbs, and had just sown spinach and beans..new potatoes..

And this is this beautiful sight today ha!

Well..it still produces so much..melons coming along  peppers beans courgettes and cucumbers and pumpkin...and tomatoes. So why weed now? Think I'll wait until they've all finished and clean out the entire lot.

Looking for an excuse for a glass of wine..

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