Thursday, 20 February 2014


OK..so I chose this house as it had more character and charm than anything I'd seen. I'd vowed not to get involved in renovations again: it's too disruptive and leaves little time for living.

Sigh..famous last words. At the moment I shift between needs and find myself juggling projects e.g house v garden and 9 months on it's still the same. These are from the first few days.

 I moved in during the start of Winter last year so the weather had calmed down. My main need was to order firewood and settle in  - winter was approaching fast. Lighting though: no light fittings at all and no curtains. So first thing was to get light fittings..I desperately needed something that made the place look better as all I could see were bare rooms and things that needed fixing... and that was a path to getting a bit fed up....

This was originally a bedroom and now it is a TV room and study..

And this is now my main bedroom, waiting to be redecorated. It'll be a while..

Light fittings purchased and installed and all the furniture quickly put into place so at least I could be comfortable and make my own 'territory'. It's important for a home to be created - a house is only a structure - a home is atmosphere and feeling good about living within it's walls..

 The walls have yet to be painted and so many other things to be done..

It will happen...it's still rough and there are paint splotches on the walls..it will get better

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