Sunday, 16 March 2014

And the rough weather is over

I think we must have been lucky in this small part of the country. Towns only 20km away had power cuts. ALL the water tanks were refilled in one night (Friday) and I'm happy I worked a little bit on the one shrub border I'm creating and putting the stones out ready for spreading - all lot more to do though but now I'm confident it's worth doing the pathways in these stones. Luckily the quarry is only 20km away.

It got very stormy on Saturday as the cyclone passed across this part of the country - beans got flattened as did all the flowering tubs but a small price to pay for so much rain. I knew the trees could withstand the conditions - they have already for years; nonetheless one still wonders. I kept looking at the small avocado trees and wondering if there would be any left...it was like this all day long until late evening Saturday..uff.

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