Friday, 14 March 2014

The calm before the storm

Literally. We've been getting warnings from the Met. Office about high winds and heavy rain for some days. It's been a while I'm sure since we've had one of these but I can remember a few - it's part of being in a sub-tropical climate. I've not been in this house before during what could be a wild weekend and I'm certainly pleased I've had the roof fixed!

 Poached these from the local newspaper, showing Auckland city this morning. Remember the school rhyme? 'Red sky at night, shepherd's delight; red sky in morning, shepherd's warning'. Looks like we could be in for it..
Looking out the window this morning I'm aware of what I'd like to get finished before the rains come. First thing I'm aware of is how calm and still it is; here that's unusual as we have a constant air - flow that varies in strength (South westerlies) which is why there are some huge trees along one border. It's quite strange..overcast but with a weak sun somewhere behind the clouds giving a hazy light. All this may not be as bad as some are suggestion so we'll see.

Using this weather pattern as a focus I was out all day yesterday buying stones for pathways and wood chips. The problem I've bought 'way too much wood mulch and not sure what I can do with it in time. i have visions of a whirlwind of sawdust and wood chips flying all over the place! So, once coffee has been consumed I'll be out there. Believe it or not that seemingly small amount of stone weighs just over 600kg! A second load after this is just under..

Didn't have the time to spread these yesterday so dumped them for me to do today. looks very messy; i know in time this will look great just hard to see that right now.

This really needs more work - the West side of the house and it gets the full blast of wind plus rain as the prevailing winds power across a shallow valley. Blasted is a garden term that can be used to describe this path. Maybe in the next few weeks I'll find the time to lay more.

Far too much of the stuff.  I left a small trail of it along the highway from the timber mill to here. Not very far to drive and thankfully no-one was behind me - especially cops! Think I'll drive it to the far end of the garden and try and protect it over the weekend.

This is where it will be going so..time for work.

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