Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Struggling uff...

Today I had the best intentions to continue with developing the garden. Hmm..still very hot and we all know we are in a drought - it's worse than last year but they're holding off declaring it officially; we've a warning that we will get the tail end of Cyclone Lusi this weekend with very heavy rain and gales..maybe up to and over 100km.

Went outside this morning to try and avoid the heat but had to come inside at 10am -24-26C and building. Wouldn't have been so bad had the soil been other than concrete so I couldn't hammer the stakes into the ground for the edging. I managed to finish a few important ones, as in those parts where the soil will wash away: part of the garden is on a slope and especially with the soil being so hard, heavy rain will just wash off and take the mulch with it and wash it off. I've come to the decision to let the rest of the garden go for a while. Once we're headed to winter and the rain (I hope) will have softened the soil I'll be removing the huge weeds and removing some other bushes. I noticed the orange trees have some new fruit so I need to prune those pretty soon to make them healthier. don't think they've been touched for a while which explains why one tree had such small fruit. Apart from one patch, the beans are over and I think I'll take all the rest of the tomatoes out. The garden has had more than it's fair share of attention and it's just taking too many hours each day. the irrigation tanks are empty and I used the house water tank last week which is not a good idea. And I prefer to keep on top of other projects I have on the go not the least of which is a new washroom and toilet.

 The current pantry will be made into a guest washroom, a spare area will be made into a smaller pantry; I want to paint and decorate another bedroom if I can before Winter. I'm also organising  a new wood burning fire and that is due to be delivered this week sometime

Once the shelves are removed there will be wall-to-wall cabinets with  a bench top and a basin that will sit on top and to one side; a toilet will be fitted on an opposite wall. Fortunately this end of the house is elevated, so the plumber can get access underneath the house to install new pipe work. Once this is finished the only major work to be done will be to build an en-suite to the main bedroom - that's a big task so I think towards the end of this year might be the best time.

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