Sunday, 1 June 2014

A wonderful blog...


I read this as much as my time allows and now Winter is developing it will encourage me to continue planning.

I haven't had the time to sit down and continue my diary, being involved with continued 'fixing' projects - firstly a new woodburner and secondly converting the old pantry to a new washroom. In between I've been trying to keep the garden a bit less than an unruly jungle - and have not succeeded. The new drive gravel now has patches and the edges are becoming overgrown. Never mind on the bright side it is giving me more time to plan what I'd like to achieve in this future garden. One of my hurdles is that I did not start with a 'blank slate' and so tended to alter what is already here. For example having inherited so many fruit trees I sent myself on a pruning course so I could handle these correctly. Having been inundated in late Summer with so much fruit, pretty much all at the same time I know have a more pragmatic perspective: remove a few of the trees. As a default I have huge guilt when removing any type of healthy tree and then I recognise that stone fruit trees for example are not so long lived and as the previous owners planted some slap bang in the middle of a lawn - in a diagonal line no less, then they will have to go if there is to be any type of decent structure. I want to plant more trees, especially on the periphery.The idea of sitting in dappled light, shaded from the heat of the day is a great incentive. I'll miss the fruit blossom to a degree; there are other trees that provide this. As said I've planted some Michelia 'Fairy' (see http://jury.co.nz/tag/michelias/) and 'Inspiration' as a hedge to separate the vegetable area from what will be the garden, so there'll be enough blossom to compensate I think in the interim

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