Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Today..I discovered the hot water cylinder has been leaking for over a year...

Oh my..well..taking it in my stride. Was about to give the final coat of paint to the washroom and the pantry..and..all the wood is soaked under the cylinder. Hurried 'phone calls working out how I can save some dosh. Called a plumber friend who will cost a new cylinder plus parts..checking to see if all the taps can handle mains pressure. Have a builder coming Saturday to structure a support for the new cylinder. Decided to bring forward by 1 year the building of an en-suite, which would involve moving the existing cylinder and making an existing bathroom far larger. Will have to bite the financial bullet and suck it up together with a glass or two of wine. Will finish the washroom next week...have some friends here for dinner over the weekend and just can't get it all done. I'll be able to put one of the fitted cupboards into the pantry and therefore clear some of the floor space in the meantime.

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