Wednesday, 11 June 2014

What a week..

Well, when I took on this place I knew it could be a challenge. As such little can be a surprise. Famous 
last words lol. I started by converting a pantry and adjacent toilet, essentially switching them around.
   So this way the toilet would be a new slimmer pantry and the old pantry a new washroom. I've blocked off the doorway.
Took quite a bit of preparation. The wood is now a different gauge; the walls had been finished with a textured paint, so it meant either sanding or covering with similar paint. Electrician. In this area all are so busy there is a lead-in time of at least 2 weeks so I had to get the elecetrician i to punch all the holes in the respective walls before I could put any of the cabinets in, pluse the plumber had been booked months ago. So, one wall looks almost finished (apart from the lights) and the other side looks rough. But still looks vastly better...

Gradually all coming together and now the wall has gone up to separate I can start to work of the pantry

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