Tuesday, 8 July 2014

New Washroom

Almost finished, just got diverted by the cylinder problems

 OoooK, so nice stuff (I'd forgotten): paint over wallpaper and the paint used has a granular look, like sugar crystals.

Do I remove the wallpaper? Nooo..not sure how good the walls are underneath but I'd guess they are not good. Sand the walls down? Nooo...helluva job and I'm used now the the knowledge that making this house perfect is a road to nowhere. Looking at the size of the floor (2 metres each way, so 4 sq. metres) and the height with is 2.0 metres, I might end up with a cold box, so I've got some wallpaper I bought in a sale from Laura Ashley and haven't been able to use yet, so will put that one one wall.

Terrible walls. Previous owners have painted over wallpaper and with a textured paint that gave an effect of rough concrete. Ideally I could sand the entire surface but not keen.

Have to make sure the cabinets I've got will be secure. Learned a lot when I re-vamped the laundry (yet to post pictures) so doing the same here by screwing blocks on the wall which I can then screw the cabinets to - also makes them easier to remove if necessary. the other problem is that when the door was made, it was too deep and the frame projected too far. I needed to have the doors opening so had to bring the cabinets away from the wall to cope with the door frame.

  Uff..it got trickier..this wall paper is a traditional type,so is not pre-pasted. So off I go to buy paste and lining paper. The dining table became a trellis table where I could paste the paper. Started then realised that the pattern repeat is every 65 cms, so to ensure I got the right pattern match I had to cut up to 3 metre lengths. Wet paper that long is not fun. Had tried lining paper first, which is the proper way to do and found it wasn't a good quality purchase with minimum paste - and it slid off the wall. Question: why did I start this??

At least the basin looks cool. Thanks as much to a really good plumber who always does a professional job

And pretty much finished. As soon as I started this I had already forgotten the pantry and how it looked.

I had a set (7) of Japanese prints for ages and 2 of them were ideal for the walls, being trees in blue shades. Got a bit of a shock when I went to look to see if I could buy any larger: a Japanese artist called Joichi Hoshi who did wood block prints. Prices start at $1000!!!! I know it didn't pay that and whilst expensive at the time..mind you it would be 10 years ago and more. so many times I've been advised to get rid of stuff I'm not using. Maybe when I've finished the house but not yet

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