Sunday, 12 October 2014

The 'roller coaster' continues

Gawd. Well another plumbing problem has raised it's head and kicked me in the bum. I've got a handle on the problem over the last few days - it's taken some time though. Flooded shower/bathroom floors (and laundry) for 3 days in a row; first I thought it was an existing issue (toilet) that I had deferred dealing with. Switched off all the tap spigots and then thought it was a washing machine leak. Unscrew and pull out the laundry cabinets - well one of them - had a peek behind the machine to find it's dry.

This is how it is as I'm building it.

I now know the water is seeping through the wall. Had to pull out the small cabinet though to find that. Good timing - I think another few weeks and the cabinet would have started to break up at the bottom.

Had to pull out this old vanity to see what was behind. The night before I'd had a shower and came out to find the entire floor under water so overnight I knew I had to tackle the whole area. I knew the vanity it was on it's last legs but had also deferred improving this area for later. Never did like it from day one - can't understand how the previous owners could tolerate this room; it's the only shower in what was sold as a 5-bedroomed house and they had 2 young children. No heater no curtains and no towel rail. And every so often I'd find snails inside this cabinet. Yuk. However had deferred it. Once I'd removed it found that water when draining comes back out of the hole in the wall which must mean a broken pipe. I'm still staggered that anyone can just punch a hole in the wall and stick a waste pipe through it - and think that's acceptable. Now I've got over my upset I've recognised it has to be done now rather than ater

Charming isn't it? I find it disgusting to be frank but onwards and upwards. Made a call to a local plumber who hasn't replied but that's good: now I think I can do it myself so will save money. I'll cut the pipe and knock it out of the wall and have a look. Will wait for it all to dry then cement the floor and lay tiles to the wall (found some spare of the same) then repair all the edges, put new pipe in and cement all around. Looking for a second-hand vanity and will paint the wall first and seal whatever is necessary. Whilst shifting the sink unit outside the base collapsed which means there has been a leak there for some time.
OK. Now I'm a bit more relaxed think I might go ahead and paint the second guest bedroom that was on my agenda for next week. I'll buy the bits I need and see if I can fix sooner rather than later but will go ahead with the bedroom whilst it dries here and loses the damp smell.

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