Sunday, 5 October 2014

What I hope to be my pride and joy in a few years' time..Asparagus yumm

OK..3 to 4 years is what I read online. I started last year by sowing seed and this year I've planted out. Having nursed the seedlings like delicate little children I've come late to the knowledge that they are quite robust little sods, given the last few weeks of changing weather lol.

The first few months

Now I've transplanted them and they've withstood gales and temperatures that plunge one day to 8C only to climb to 20C the next; typical Spring where Winter fights to stay put. Now I know that as long as they get enough water it's just a matter letting them grown fatter and bigger and then chop!

The new bed
Small plastic collars from plastic bottles help against the wind

I've had a look at a neighbours and each fern is about 1 metre tall but nowhere near big enough to eat yet. So now I know.

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