Sunday, 5 October 2014

I can see Winter's backside..ha!

Uff! An update is long overdue. I've been buried in rain and mud misery lol - we've had so much rain but to be honest I'm quite pleased. Last year at this time we'd had no rain and having bought some small rain tanks for the vegetable garden all I want them to do is fill up!

I have been determined to get ahead of the hot weather when it comes this time. Last year I sat on my bum not recognising how much it's necessary to keep on top of how things grow. Given the amount of rain I was aware of the mud...wherever anyone goes it's just mud! All the neighbours are the same but at least it prompted me never to face the awful task of weeding the pathways if possible. So, porous weedmat has been laid and I've used crushed rock to cover that - I tried a small test area before Winter and the weeds are easy to identify and remove and it's so much easier to walk on.

Ordered 3 tonnes and had it delivered; seemed like a huge amount but when it was tipped I was a bit in doubt. Pretty much I'll be able to cover all four pathways plus a bit more. Haven't finished it all quite yet mostly due to me wanting to see how it looks planted - this way I don't lose interest.

This is how it was..now I look at it and it's daunting..
Finally got into my stride. Every day bit by bit is the way and as I worked I could also determine what plants to put where.

 Got a bit side-tracked on the topic of companion planting whereby plants that attract bees or plants that deter insect pests and put throughout the vegetables. Really keen on this idea as it makes the area look less 'pragmatic'. along the fence I've put Rosemary and Lavender. The idea of bees taking pollen from non-sprayed plants is great. so many countries are losing their bee populations - unbelievable really.

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